Chapter Development

General Meetings

This is where members learn about companies and what they have to offer. This is a great opportunity for our members to apply for internship and for companies to recruit. In addition, after the meeting companies receive a USB with all of our members resume

#GetFitWithSHPE (Athletics)

SHPE is committed to keeping a tight internal relationship between its members. Academic success can be a burden at times, and every weekend we like to get together and do intramural style activities to relieve stress and promote a healthy lifestyle.

Crawfish Boil

This event involves a fun game of knockerball and other sports such as basketball and volleyball. Throughout the event, the members are communicating with each other and the BASF professionals, while enjoying a nice plate of crawfish. The eventallows our members to network with not only the professionals, but with other members in the organization as well.

SHPE Tailgates

Tailgates give members the opportunity to connect with professionals in a more relaxed environment. It gives our members an opportunity to network and the different opportunities available to them.

Boys vs. Girls Social

This newly introduced event gives members the opportunities to interact with each other in a relaxed setting in order to break the ice and create those lasting friendships that keep the SHPE family together. Activities include games, food, scavenger hunts, and a girls vs. boys themed competition

Dinner Date Auction

Members voluntarily and metaphorically auction themselves to be bought by other members in an effort to raise money to fund our outreach programs. In addition, those that purchase the dates are given a gift card to eat at a restaurant of their choice.

Loteria Night

Rounds of Lotería are held where players purchase game boards for that round and players that win with their Lotería board are given a prize. In addition, food is provided for members who purchase cards. This event allows us to raise money to fund other programs while providing our members with a fun activity to do.

New Member Retreat

SHPE’s new member retreat will help build strong relationships between our new members by the involvement of partnerships. With your random partner you will network with others, as well as combine to form teams throughout the event. Together you will participate in inclusive activities such as human knot, funny story, kahoot games, and much more!

SHPEs and Salsa

SHPEs and Salsa is a recruitment event aimed at incoming freshmen, transfer students and any potential members. There is a question and answer panel which is then followed by food, prizes, and fun while the executive board and current SHPE members share freshman year experiences along with advice for having a successful transition to college. Lastly, there is salsa lessons and dancing with Salsa Fusion Dance Crew.

Mailing Address:
Dwight Look College of Engineering
Engineering Activities Building B (EABB) Room 106
College Station, Texas 77843-3127

Office Phone: (979) 847-8878
Office Hours: Monday-Thursday | EABB 106 | 10 a.m - 2 p.m.