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SHPE National Convention

The SHPE National Convention is the biggest event of the year for any national member of the society. This year in Cleveland, Ohio, members both student and professional have the ability to network and gain experience through leadership workshops, career fairs, and a variety of engineering competitions in search of employment opportunities. At Texas A&M we partially sponsor members to give them an opportunity to attend conference. As a return of investment we have had members win the extreme engineering competition and obtained jobs. Flip thorough our National Convention Magazine to find out why it's such a great experience. Register to attend this year here.

Regional Leadership Development Conference

RLDC serves as preparation for future leaders and better prepares members who are going to run for office. Through different workshops and career fair our newly elected executive board members are better prepared to lead the organization.

Officer Retreat

Every year there is the passing of the torch from one set of officers to another in order to lead the membership in a progressive direction. The retreat helps rally the executive board as a collective unit and learn each other's strengths and weaknesses in order to work as a team.

LeaderSHPE Workshops

There are often many key skills and communication tactics that you can't learn from anywhere else except by industry leaders themselves. These workshops help prepare members to learn how to not only lead a group in a professional atmosphere, but how to collaborate to reach a common goal.

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